BSc Social Sciences In-Programme Transfer at Stage 2 - Applies to Stage 1 Students, 2019-20

BSc Social Sciences In-Programme Transfer Stage 2

In Stage 1 you will study the subjects or a pathway that you choose when you applied  to UCD Social Sciences. We understand that you may wish to change these choices. Perhaps you have tried a module in a social science subject that you would now like to take as one of your majors; or you realise that a subject you chose is not what you thought it would be. 

BSc Social Sciences students may apply for an in-programme transfer at the end of Stage 1.  In all cases, transfers can only be considered where: 
  • You have passed a minimum of 50 credits in stage 1
  • You are applying to change 1 of your subjects only
  • You are applying to transfer to a social sciences subject (*see subjects with restrictions)
  • You have passed at least 5 credits in the subject you wish to transfer into 
It is not possible to transfer into Stage 2 of: 
  • Computational Social Science
  • Economics, Mathematics & Statistics
  • Landscapes & Society Archaeology, Geography and History
  • Philosophy, Politics & Economics
 * The following subjects have specific criteria:
1. Politics and International Relations 
  • Must pass POL10120 Foundations in Global Development  (available in Semester 2 as a programme option) 
  • Must pass any other stage 1 politics module (POL10160, POL10170, INRL10010) using their 5 credit elective
  • Must be able to take the remaining 2 stage 1 politics modules alongside their stage 2 modules 
2. Mathematics or Statistics
  • Can only transfer to subject as a joint major if have completed stage 1 of Economics, Mathematics & Statistics 
3. Economics
  • Can only transfer to subject as a joint major if have completed stage 1 of Economics, Mathematics & Statistics, Computational Social Science or Philosophy, Politics & Economics
The application form for in-programme transfer is open from Friday 15th May 2020 until Thursday 11th June 2020.
Do you still have questions?
If you are not eligible for an in-programme transfer, but wish to discuss changing your degree choices, please visit us in the Social Sciences Office to discuss other options.