Considering Studying Abroad in Stage 3?

As a BSc Philosophy, Politics & Economics student, there are a number of exciting destinations available for you to study abroad during Stage 3.  Below is some important information to help you decide whether to apply for an exchange or Erasmus opportunity, but if you have any further questions, please call in to the Social Sciences Office.

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  • Who is eligible to apply?

The below eligibility requirements are applicable to 2020/2021 travel. Eligibility for outbound students for 2021/22 will be published in August 2020. As a BSc PPE student, you can apply to study abroad on Erasmus or Exchange if you have:

  • achieved a minimum GPA of 2.8 and
  • C- in programme cores during Stage 1 and trimester 1 of stage 2.

Additionally, for any student who achieves a GPA of 3.08 or higher, during Stage 1 and trimester 1 of stage 2, the minimum grade for programme cores of C- will not apply. If you are successful in your application, you will need to have completed 60 credits at Stage 1 including all cores, and at least 50 credits in Stage 2, to be eligible to take your exchange or Erasmus place.

  • When and for how long can I go abroad? 

You can apply to study abroad in a host university for one trimester (either Trimester 1 or Trimester 2) in Stage 3 of your programme.

  • How many modules do I need to take and what do I need to study while I am abroad? 

As a PPE student, you are required to pass a minimum of 20 ECTS credits at your host institution. However, it is recommended that you attempt up to 30 ECTS at your host institution. While studying at the host university you should study modules in some or all of the PPE subject areas; an equal balance of subjects is not required. Note that this credit quantity might equate to different numbers of modules at different partner universities.

  • Where Can I go?

The destinations available for 2020/21 Stage 3 are listed below, to discuss with your Programme Director.


BSc PPE students wishing to go abroad for one trimester in Stage 3 may apply to the following universities:


The following universities will be available for PPE students if places are not filled by students who are required to go abroad for a year (e.g. Language students):

The following Universities are options for students who wish to study subjects in Economics and Philosophy only:

Please note: Destinations listed are for guidance and are subject to change, based on a number of factors, including availability of places and agreements with host universities. If a University is of particular interest and is not listed (or is not listed for the duration you would like), please contact Joanna Kozielec, Erasmus Exchange Programme Manager (  to explore this further. 

Contact for more information:

The Programme Director of Philosophy, Politics and Economics will advise on academic requirements when you are abroad.

Associate Professor Christopher Cowley christopher.cowley @