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Below you will find some updates and information specific to your degree. Please also check our Student and Academic Information section, or contact us in the Social Sciences office if you have any questions. 

In many cases, the UCD School of Economics will be your first calling point for academic and administrative queries. 

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Information For Stage 2 Economics Single Major students


Study Supports: Library Guides by Economics Subject


Thinking About Study Abroad in Stage 3?

The UCD College of Social Sciences and Law has Erasmus exchange agreements with prestigious institutions in Europe and also internationally.

Contact the School of Economics for more details, or visit the UCD International Office website about information sessions this semester.


Student Supports:

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Information For Stage 3 Economics Single Major students

Registration Support: 

  • If you are returning to UCD and are carrying repeat modules, please contact the Social Sciences Office to ensure your registration can be accommodated.
  • Studying Abroad this year? You still need to register. Please follow the instructions sent by email to your UCD email address.

GPA Calculation for BA/BSc Economics 

Your GPA is your Grade Point Average, and it is a measure of your academic performance, comprising GPA scores for all eligible modules (click here to see UCD's GPA scores for grades). The higher your GPA, the higher the quality of your degree. In UCD your degree GPA values are classified into the broad classes such as first-class honours and so on.  Your final degree GPA and classification will be based on your performance in certain stages depending on your course.  Some employers and many universities will make use of the GPA value itself.

While you must complete Stage 1 of your degree to progress, your grades from Stage 1 modules will not be used in computing your degree GPA.  However, Stage 1 results are a component in applications to study abroad.

The table below demonstrates how a final degree GPA for single honours Economics (3 Stages) is calculated when a you complete your degree.


3 Stages: No Study AbroadWeightingCreditsEquivalent%
Stage 1 0 60 0%
Stage 2 5 60 50%
Stage 3 5 60 50%

GPA Calculation for BSc International Economics (On Exchange from 2020-21 Onwards)

Choosing to study abroad means you will move to a new 4 year degree programme.  One of the changes resulting from this move is a change to how your final degree GPA will be calculated.  4 year degree programmes count Stages 2, 3 & 4 for GPA Calculation purposes.  However your study abroad year is GPA Neutral, this means Stage 3/year abroad does not count towards your GPA directly but does alter how your GPA will be calculated.

2020/21 and Following Years
4 Stages: Study AbroadWeightingCreditsEquivalent %
Stage 1 0 60 0%
Stage 2 2 60 28.57%
Stage 3 (Year Abroad) 3 (Neutral) 60 0%
Stage 4 5 60 71.43%

GPA Calculation for BA International Economics (On Exchange in 2019/20 and Previous Years)

Students who completed their year abroad in 2019/20 and previous years will have their GPA Calculated as follows.

2019/20 and Previous Years
4 Stages: Study AbroadWeightingCreditsEquivalent %
Stage 1 0 60 0%
Stage 2 5 60 50%
Stage 3 (Year Abroad) 0 (Neutral) 60 0%
Stage 4 5 60 50%


if you wish to be advised on your GPA calculation, please contact the Social Sciences through this link: Query Form.