Theses Titles

PhD Students

Current Students

Mary Carey
Thesis title: Modelling the spatial footprint of the Irish Agri-business Sector

Tony Casey
Thesis title: Towards a reconceptualization of Policy Networks: The Role of Choreography

Eric Doyle
Thesis title: Public Policy and Behavioural Economics: Examining the Behavioural Assumptions of Labour Market Policies in Ireland

Conferred Students

Dr Niall Callan
Thesis title: National environmental agencies in Europe: some comparative and theoretical perspectives

Dr Jennifer Carroll MacNeill
Thesis title: Institutional Design of Judicial Selection Systems: Ireland in Comparative Perspective

Dr Mary Halton
Thesis title: Corporate Governance in the Irish Financial Services Sector

Dr Siobhán McPhee
Thesis title: Immigration, Segmentation and Geography: Learning from Recent Irish Experience

Dr Aidan Regan
Thesis title: Does Discourse matter in the Emergence and Consolidation of Public Policy? Social Partnership and Labour Market Governance in Ireland.

Masters Students

Conferred Students

Colin Kavanagh 
Jobridge - A Bridge Not Far Enough? : The Failure of Governmental Employment policy in Ireland since 2008

Barry Lynch 
Does migration policy in Europe which was intended to facilitate family reunification actually hinder the process?

Owen Jarnagin
Bean Counting for the Public Interest: A look at challenges facing healthcare rationing in western democracies

Kim Raleigh
Putting People First: the possible impact of local government reform in Ireland.

Anna Carnegie
The Impact of Art and Culture on Neighbourhood Regeneration in a Social Housing Context

Megan A. Curran
Catching up on the Cost of Raising Children: Creating a Child Allowance in the United States

Ciara Galvin 
Trade unions and public policy in the postpartnership era: determinants of strategy

Aoife Margaret McAuley
Environmental Justice: A Mobilising Concept for Action in Ireland

Anila O’Sullivan
Building an Evidence Base for Children’s Online Policies in Ireland

Shauna Preston
From Inertia to Change; An Overview of the Reform of Ireland’s Unemployment Policy, 2008-2014

Tony Casey
Towards a Re-conceptualisation of Regulatory Governance: The Role of Choreography

Alan Coleman
Drug Policy and Drug Misuse in Ireland: An Exploration of the Intersection between National Drug Policy, Research and Drug and Community Services in Ireland

Geraldine Halpin
Manning the Frontlines in a time of Crisis;Personal and professional experiences, of frontline workers in a restructured public sector.

Cormac Keaney
To what extent does the distinctive governance arrangements for commercial aviation safety in the European Union and the United States of America support effective enforcement?

David Maher
Wicked Problems in Irish Health Policy: A case study of the potential for stakeholder participation in the development and implementation of PCEHRs in Ireland

Ciara Ni Fhloinn 
Activation and Lone Parents; a Feminist Cultural Political Economy of Irish Labour Market Policy from 2000 to 2014.

Eoghan O Dwyer
Pension Contributions and Barriers to Coverage: Policy Options for Reform in Ireland

Kathryn Mary Reilly
Sound bite or sense? The role of Oireachtas Committees in the policy process