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The Solas Study



What is the study about?

Hip and knee joint pain and low back pain are common problems which can interfere with day-to-day activities. The way we manage pain could be improved if we knew the best forms of treatment.This study will compare two different approaches to physiotherapy treatment to see which is the most feasible and cost effective. The approaches we are comparing in this study are:


Group physiotherapy

This is a group based education and exercise class. You will learn about how to manage your pain and pace yourself and you will also be shown exercises for your pain under the supervision of a HSE Community Physiotherapist. The classes take place once per week for 6 weeks and are 1.5 hours long. Classes will take place in your local physiotherapy clinic.

group physio photo


Individual physiotherapy treatment

You will be given individual advice and treatment appropriate for your condition in your local physiotherapy clinic. 

individual physio photo - background pg


Both treatments are designed to help you manage your pain more effectively.