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The Solas Study



Individual and group treatment

This study will compare Group physiotherapy and Individual physiotherapy treatment for people with hip or knee joint pain and/or chronic low back pain.


If you are interested in taking part...

You will have a one hour appointment with one of the UCD Research Physiotherapists (Alison or Elaine) at your local HSE Community Physiotherapy clinic to see if you are suitable for the study and to fill out questionnaires.


If you are not suitable or if you do not agree to take part...

You will not lose your place on the waiting list for physiotherapy services. You will be contacted by the HSE Community Physiotherapist as soon as an appointment is available.


If you are suitable for the study...

If the UCD physiotherapist assessment shows you are suitable for the study, you will get an appointment at your local HSE Community Physiotherapy clinic where you will receive one of the following treatments:‌

Group physiotherapy

You will attend once per week for 6 weeks for a 1.5 hour education and exercise class. This group will be led by an HSE Community Physiotherapist

Individual physiotherapyclipboard - info for participants pg

You will receive individual physiotherapy appropriate to your condition from an HSE Community Physiotherapist


Which treatment will I get?

All participating physiotherapy clinics are randomly selected to provide either the Group physiotherapy OR the Individual physiotherapy treatment – You will therefore receive the treatment your local clinic is assigned to provide. 


We will be contacting you during the study...

You will be contacted by the UCD Research Team 6 weeks, 2 months and 6 months after your first appointment and asked to fill out a questionnaire. This will take 20 – 30 minutes. ‌