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Spectroscopy Group News

Oct 2012 - The Spectroscopy Group hosts International Workshop on EUV & Soft X-ray Sources

From October 8th to 10th of this year the UCD Spectroscopy group hosted the International Workshop on EUV & Soft X-ray Sources in the Clinton Auditorium. The conference featured over 60 leading industry and academic researchers in the field of EUV & Soft X-rays from around the world.  More information on the conference including the full conference proceedings can be found at 


Sep 2012 - Spectroscopy group member starts work placement with ASML

Imam Kambali has started a 3 month work placement at ASML in Veldhoven, The Netherlands. ASML is a major industrial company in the field of EUV technology and is currently the worlds largest supplier of photolithography systems for the semiconductor industry. ASML are currently developing the next generation systems for the semiconductor industry which will be based on an EUV source. Recent  investment in the company from Intel, Samsung and TSMC totalled almost €1.3 Billion for EUV research and development alone.


Sep 2012 - New PhD student joins as part of Erasmus Mundus programme 

A new PhD student, Girum Abebe Beyene, has recently joined the Spectroscopy group as part of the Erasmus Mundus programme entitled EXTATIC (Extreme-ultraviolet and X-ray Technology and Training for Interdisciplinary Cooperation). Part of his PhD will be spent researching in UCD and the rest will be in RWTH Aachen, Germany. He is one of several PhD students to join the EXTATIC progamme which will see students carry out PhD research in the field of EUV and X-ray. They will spend there time in two different host Universities allowing them the opportunity to work in two different groups during their research. The hosts include: University College Dublin, Dublin City University, Kings College London, The University of Southampton, Czech Technical University-Prague, The University of Padua, The Military University of Warsaw and RWTH-Aachen University. EXTATIC will recruit 10 PhD students per year building up to 40 students over 4 years who will travel between University and Industry sites during their PhD studies. It is a structured PhD programme with research lecture and laboratory elements as well as independent research.