SPIRe Seminar Series Programme

This is the schedule for semester 2, 2017-2018. 

All Seminars take place in Room G316, School of Politics and International Relations, Newman Building

Download ‌SPIRe Seminar Series, 2017-18 Semester 2 as pdf. 

Speaker Title Discussant Date and Time

 Dr. Deep K. Datta-Ray (Jindal Global University)

 The vanishing subject that is Indian nuclear diplomacy  Professor Ben Tonra  January 24th, 14:00-15:15
 Dr. Carolina Plescia (University of Vienna)  Intra-government conflict and electoral accountability  Dr. James Cross  Wednesday January 31st, 14:00-15:15
 Dr. Matthew Moran (KCL)  Somewhere over the red line: Efforts to Coerce Syria on Chemical Weapons  Dr. Vincent Durac  Wednesday, February 7th, 14:00-15:15
 Dr. Caroline McEvoy (SPIRe)  Are right-wing populist party voters ‘populist democrats’?  Prof. David Farrell  Wednesday, February 14th, (Note earlier time) 13:00-14:15
 Dr. Guy Aitchison (SPIRe)  What kind of act is unlawful border-crossing? Four possibilities  Dr. Graham Finlay  Wednesday, February 21st, 14:00-15:15
 Dr. Galia Chimiak (Polish Academy of Sciences)   The international development civil society sector in Poland  Prof. Paul Walsh  Wednesday, February 28th, 14:00-15:15

 Paul Gillespie (SPIRe)


 Ayano Hula (SPIRe)

Differentiated Integration and Brexit: Implications for Ireland


Extent and determinants of poverty dynamics in Ethiopia

   Wednesday, March 7th, 14:00-15:45

 Ally Masabo (SPIRe)



Mohammed Al Rizeiqi (SPIRe)

 The contribution of parliamentary oversight effectiveness in mitigation and facilitation of resource curse in Tanzania


Development of a process strategy for seafood industries

   Wednesday, March 28th, 14:00-15:15

 Sadhbh O’Neill (SPIRe)


Luke Field (SPIRe)

 Institutional barriers to effective climate governance: the case of the Paris Agreement


The use of emotive campaign messaging during the 2015 referendum on same-sex marriage in Ireland

   Wednesday, April 4th, 14:00-15:15

 Mary Brennan (SPIRe)


Tony Casey (SPIRe)

 Are successful gender quotas incompatible with party renewal?


A Theory of Governance: The Micro-Foundations of Political Order

   Wednesday, April 11th, 14:00-15:15

 Saleh Alharbi (SPIRe)


Mohammed Alshamisi (SPIRe)

 The resilience of Arab monarchies in the Middle East during the Arab uprising


The international, security and strategic policy-making of the Gulf Cooperation Council

   Wednesday, April 18th, 14:00-15:15

Sinead McGrath (SPIRe)

Emma Mathias (SPIRe)

Internally displaced women: through a lens?


The impacts of food insecurity on the mental health of populations in rural Lesotho



Wednesday, April 25th, 14:00-15:15