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The year 2002 saw the fulfilment of a vision at UCD; the establishment of our High Performance Centre. This innovation was initially developed by Director of Sport Mr. Brian Mullins and in collaboration with Ms. Lisa Regan, Director of High Performance and Elite Sport.

The UCD High Performance Centre (UCD HPC) is an integral part of UCD Sport.  Ultimately, at UCD HPC, the objective is to cater to all aspects of the athlete experience. While the training philosophy has a foundation in maximal power development, there is a considerable supportive framework available to all athletes encompassing biomechanical, biochemical, nutritional, psychological, technical and tactical development. This is a network of specialists and services that is not available to any other athletes or teams, either at an amateur or professional level, within Ireland.

Ms. Lisa Regan, the Director of High Performance and her team of staff are specialists in strength and conditioning, nutrition and sports science. Currently the UCD HPC supports individual athletes and teams within UCD. This includes Track & Field, Soccer, Hockey (Men’s 1st, Women’s 1st), Gaelic Football & Hurling, Rugby (U-20s, 1st), Basketball, Golf and Cycling. To date all of these individuals and teams have achieved considerable advancements in their training, as well as significant improvements in performance on their respective fields of play.

The High Performance Centre also caters for a number for external individuals and teams on a professional basis. These have included GAA All-Ireland Finalists, Olympic athletics, and national association teams.

Since its establishment in 2002, the HPC has a record of outstanding achievements that include both team and individuals honours, sending athletes to the Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships and National Finals. In order to continue this development the HPC incorporates the most up to date scientific methodologies and structures to assist athletes in becoming the best in their sport.

The UCD High Performance Centre equips an athlete with the physical, psychological, technical and tactical skills necessary to compete at the highest level.

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