Sports Scholarships


Benefits of the sports scholarship programme may include:

  • Access to the UCD High Performance Centre
  • Free pool membership
  • Access to on-campus accommodation
  • Tuition fees
  • Books
  • Equipment
  • Sport medicine and testing facilities
  • Reduced physiotherapy costs
  • Travel to national and international competitions
  • Academic support

The value and benefits of each sports scholarship is assessed on an individual basis. The assessments are conducted by UCD Sport and the relevant UCD club.


There are several important criteria, which must be met - academic qualification for a course must be achieved and the recipient of a scholarship must be prepared to commit him/herself to involvement in the respective UCD sports club. The scholarship student must represent UCD and only UCD in competition. Clubs, which offer scholarships compete at a very high level and have to possess the necessary infrastructural components to facilitate a scholarship award. A satisfactory level of academic and sporting progress is essential, if the scholarship is to be renewed on an annual basis. Sports Scholarships are intended for persons of outstanding sporting ability.

The UCD Sports Scholarships are closed for this year but open on the 1st of February and close on the 2nd of April 2018. The Online application forms are available by following this link: UCD Sports Scholarship Application.

When a sports scholarship application is received, it is passed on to the respective club for processing. Candidates may be shortlisted and invited to attend for interview and / or trial. Final decisions in regard to sports scholarship awards usually rest with the clubs concerned.

Please note that a sports scholarship can only be awarded where a student has applied for and gained a place on any UCD degree programme, Masters or the Diploma in Sport & Exercise Management. Scholarship awards are subject to renewal on an annual basis.

A full breakdown of the award criteria can be found here: UCD Sports Scholarship Award Criteria

Further Information

Georgina Dwyer, UCD Sport
University College Dublin, 
Dublin 4. 
Tel. 01 716 2183 or visit

Being on scholarship gives the unique opportunity to play football at the top level in the country whilst getting the  best education. The club does its best to ensure we do well academically as well as in a sporting context, being very flexible with training sessions and matches if they clash with important classes and exams. This helps balance the workload between football and college!

Samir Belhout UCD Soccer Scholar