Sports Medicine & Chartered Physiotherapy

Critical to the success of any athlete is the proper care and attention when injured. Together with the international physiotherapy and rehabilitation group DBC which is led by Liam Heavin, the Institute has established a leading Sports Medicine and Chartered Physiotherapy Centre. The focus is on exercise-based rehabilitation, supplemented by the expert skills of Chartered Physiotherapists and Sports Doctors. Facilities and services include:

  • High-Tech Sports Rehabilitation Gym
  • DBC Back and Neck Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Post-Operative Rehabilitation
  • Expert Manual Therapy
  • Isokinetic Dynamometer Testing
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound Scanning
  • Sports Medicine Physician


View all of the sports facilities within the UCD campus here.

For bookings and enquiries, please contact Liam Heavin:

  • E-mail: 
  • Phone: 00353(0)1 7163240