Soil Science

Soil, together with air and water, constitute the three natural resources on which all plant and animal life depend. Soil is a medium for plant and crop growth. It is also a natural biological filter, absorber, cation exchanger, water purifier and degrader of hazardous materials, as well as one of the most important, yet varied, habitats in the world. The soil hosts a massively diverse microbial, plant and animal community (soil biology), is a vessel for complex and life supporting chemical reactions (soil chemistry) and acts as the physical gateway between the atmosphere and biosphere (soil physics). Soils are of diverse origin (pedology) and are distributed over the landscape in predictable and understandable ways (soil survey).

The Soil Science Community in Ireland

The Soil Science Society of Ireland was formed in 1977 with the express purpose "to promote the knowledge about, and use of, Irish soils". Members are professionally active in research, teaching, administration, consultancy, advisory services, state agencies, civil service and industry. Members are predominantly drawn from the Island of Ireland.

What do we do ?

The Soil Science Society of Ireland holds two major events each year:

  1. A scientific meeting around Easter-time at which papers are presented orally or as posters - this meeting is now held as part of the Agricultural Research Forum

  2. A field meeting in early September to study and discuss soils and land use in a region / county of Ireland.

The Soil Science Society of Ireland interacts with a range of public bodies to promote all aspects of soil science.