Why should you become a member of the Soil Science Society of Ireland?

  1. Keep up-to-date with what is happening nationally and internationally in the area of soil science and the environment

  2. Increase your professional knowledge of the potentials and limitations of Irish soils

  3. Raise and discuss matters that may be of concern to you - erosion, pollution, land-use change - with professional soil experts

  4. Integrate with other disciplines - engineering, hydrology, geology, meteorology, plant science, forestry, geography, archaeology .....

  5. Promote all aspects of professional soil science

  6. Increase awareness of the importance of soils in the wider context of the environment, sustainability and conservation

How to join Soil Science Society of Ireland

  1. 1.Complete an application form, available here

  2. 2.Pay by direct debit mandate (please send completed mandate to your bank) or by cheque to the Treasurer, Prof. Nick Holden (see “Contact” page)