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UCD Strategy 2015-2020

Straitéis 2015-2020

Objective 6

Build our engagement locally, nationally and internationally

A critical focus of this plan will be to develop UCD's engagement both within Ireland and further afield, and through this, to improve our national and international impact. UCD has made a unique and unrivalled contribution to the development of modern Ireland since the foundation of the State. This has been based on successful engagement with Irish society on every level and across every sphere of activity.

Similarly, in recent times, UCD's engagement internationally has grown substantively. Now, in support of our vision for 2020, it is critical that UCD further builds these national and international engagements in a coordinated and strategic manner.

We will continue to build our portfolio of strategic, holistic and mutually beneficial partnerships with industry, public service and community organisations. We will work with local and national authorities to meet shared objectives, capturing the value of a great public university to city and country. We will engage our local community, sharing the benefits of the campus and the activities it houses.

Equally, we will develop our relationships with recognised colleges and partner universities nationally and internationally. We will engage globally through UCD Global Centres in key regions, working with government agencies, partners, alumni and the Irish diaspora in each region to deliver on our mission.

Success will be measured through our portfolio of strategic partners and through metrics of engagement activities locally, nationally and internationally.

Objective 6