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Student Counselling Service UCD

Information for Staff

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Concerns about a Student
If you have concerns about a student please do not hesitate to contact the service to discuss. Telephone 01-7163133

Making a referral
Most students attend our service by self-referral, as it is important that the student him/herself makes the decision to attend counselling. However, should you meet with a student who is in agreement to attend counselling, it is helpful, though not necessary, for us to receive a referral letter or Counselling Referral Form  from you outlining your concerns. Alternatively, you can telephone the service directly to speak to one of the counsellors.

You might also like to give the student the following information on the service, so they understand what counselling involves:

Student Counselling Service - Information for Students 

Don't be a "DNA"! - Information for Students 

If a student decides to proceed with making a counselling appointment, they will need to complete a Student Counselling Registration Form  and they can bring this with them to their first appointment or prior to their first appointment.