Exam Results FAQ

What are provisional results?
Results are called provisional until ratified at the Programme Examination Board and are provided for information purposes only. Provisional Results will include Stage GPA.

When will my provisional and final results be released?

How do I access my provisional results?
Provisional results will be available on SIS Student Web.

What do I do if a grade is missing for one of my modules?
You should contact the relevant School or module coordinator.

How do I find contact details for the School or module coordinator?
Consult the online Module Descriptor for the particular module you wish to query, this will show both the School and module coordinator names. You can then consult the UCD Staff Directory for contact details.

Why can't I see my results on SIS Student Web?
Are you locked out of your SIS? If so please use the Student Desk Connector to have your PIN reset.

What are final results?
Final results have been ratified at the Programme Examination Board and will include Stage GPA, and, where applicable, Award GPA and Award Classification.

Where can I get an official printed copy of my results?
Official copies of your results are available once the final results have been released.

Certificate of Attendance, Statements of Results, Academic Transcripts, etc., are available to you free of charge through the My Official Documents link on SISWeb's Registration, Fees and Assessment page.

Please note that you must enable these documents if you want third parties (such as the Garda National Immigration Bureau, employers etc) to be able to view them online. Further details are available on the Student Desk webpages.

What if my final published grade is different from my provisional grade?
Provisional results are provided for information purposes only. If you have any queries in relation to your final grade, you should contact the School or module coordinator.

I would like to view my script for a particular module, what do I need to do?
You should contact the relevant School or module coordinator. They will advise you what arrangements will be put in place to view scripts. Scripts can only be viewed following the release of final results.

If I want to appeal any of my grades, how do I go about it?
You must wait until the final results have been published before you can appeal a grade. At that stage you should refer to the Assessment Appeals Office website for further information.

What do I do if I have failed a module?
Information on repeats/resits is available on the Repeats/resits webpage.

I submitted an Extenuating Circumstances application for my exams, how do I know that this was taken into account?
All Extenuating Circumstances application forms which were submitted to the relevant Programme Office or Graduate School within the required timeframe will be considered at the Programme Examination Boards.