Elective Modules in UCD

Online module registration will close at 5pm on Friday, 21 September 2018 for Undergraduates and 5pm on Friday, 28 September for most Graduate Taught students.

You will have a chance to make changes to your Semester 2 Electives in January 2019. Keep an eye on key dates for details.

Elective Modules explained

Searching for and Selecting Elective modules

  1. When Online Registration opens for you (your Start Time), you can register to your Electives by going to the Electives page of Online Registration.
  2. Most students can select up to two Elective modules (10 Credits) per stage. There is also the possibility to take up to 10 extra Elective credits.
    When registering, have a look at the Credit Information box on the right hand side of the module registration pages to see how many credits, including how many Elective credits, you need to have.
  3. The Electives page will show all the Elective modules available. You can then use the filters on the left-hand side to narrow your search e.g. subject, semester etc
  4. You can tick the In-Programme Electives filter to just see Elective modules that are part of your programme. You can use other filters to further narrow your search e.g. semester, timing.
  5. Read the module information by clicking on the module title (highlighted in blue). Make sure you read all the information about the module to make sure it's the right Elective module for you. Always read the information in Am I eligible to take this module? before making your decision.
  6. An In-Programme Elective may also be available to you as an Option module. If you choose the module as an In-Programme Elective (on the Electives page) that module will appear on both the Option page and the Electives page. Make sure you have all your Option modules before you choose your electives.
  7. For full instructions take a look at the step by step guide to online registration.

Registering to Elective Modules

  1. If you want an Elective module, simply click Select Elective under it. Your choices will be recorded in the Electives Modules section of the Electives page.
  2. In most cases, In-Programme Elective registration will be confirmed immediately. If you meet the requirements, there are places available and it fits in with your timetable then you have a place on the module and you will see Confirmed appear as the module status on the Electives page.
  3. If you see Provisional beside a General Elective choice it means that places for that module will be randomly allocated on the weekend before lectures start. Please note that prior to random allocation confirmed places are available on In-Programme Electives only. Electives that are Provisional do not add up in the Credit Information box on the right hand side of the Electives page.
  4. Check your UCD Connect email for daily status updates on the General Electives that you have chosen. Check your UCD Connect email on 8 September to see if you were successful in getting a place in your General Elective modules. If you get a place, the status will change to Confirmed and your credits will accumulate.
  5. If you are repeating a programme with an undeclared major, e.g. Arts or Engineering Omnibus, you will be able to select modules that you may wish to study for your next stage on the Electives page.

Extra Information