Discovery Modules

Discovery modules are exciting new modules that you can take as Electives. These modules are on topics of global significance such as War and Childhood and will include lectures on cutting-edge research or current affairs. Each module is taught by more than one school within UCD and is designed to deepen your understanding of different disciplinary perspectives on topics of significant importance.

DSCY10010 - Global Development Goals
(Level 1, Semester One, 5 Credits)
     DSCY10020 - Science Revolutions
(Level 1, Semester Two, 5 Credits)

DSCY10030 - Sustainable Bioeconomy
(Level 1, Semester Two, 5 Credits)
DSCY10040 - Childhood(Level 1, Semester Two, 5 Credits)

DSCY10050 - War: Ancient and Modern
(Level 1, Semester One and Two, 5 Credits)
     DSCY10060 - Energy Climate Change & Policy
(Level 1, Semester Two, 5 Credits)