Structured Elective - Contemporary Issues in Health & Lifestyle

What is this Structured Elective about?
This Structured Elective brings together modules that will address contemporary issues in health and lfestyle from diet to physical activity and mental health. Finishing the modules, you should know about lifestyle approaches to health, have an understanding of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and be able to describe key lifestyle contributors to physical and mental health and wellbeing and the origins of healthy communities and the human form.

Why should I take this Structured Elective?
This Structured Elective is aimed a general audience within UCD, for students with an interest in health & lifestyle and the human condition. It may complement your ongoing studies or address some of your own personal interests outside of your degree. Whatever the reason, this module will give you knowledge that will be useful to you as a person now and in the future.

How would this Structured Elective benefit me?
Whether you are taking this for academic or personal reasons the information you will learn in this module will benefit you to make better health and lifestyle choices and teach you the reasons, or principles behind the recommendations given to consumers in terms of health and lifestyle.

How do I take the modules in this Structured Elective?

Module Title Credits
ANAT 10030
FDSC 10010
NMHS 10090
NMHS 10100
Introduction to Physical and Forensic Anthropology
Food Diet and Health
A Social History of Irish Healthcare
Health across the Lifespan
NMHS 20060
NMHS 20070
NMHS 20410
PHTY 20090
PHTY 20260
VET 20180
Interpersonal and Teamwork Skills: Personal and Professional Development
Women's & Men's Health
Introduction to Psychology for Health Care
Introduction to Massage
Mindfulness for Health
Introduction to One Health-Bridging Human & Veterinary Medical Sciences
HNUT 30010 Food Diet and Health III 5