Structured Elective - French

Why should I take this Structured Elective?
This Structured Elective will be of interest to you if you wish to develop a high level of proficiency in the production and comprehension of written and spoken French. Linguistic ability will facilitate in turn the acquisition of intercultural competency.

How would this Structured Elective benefit me?
You will graduate with an additional language qualification. You will be able to advance to a C1 CEFR level of proficiency by the end of the range of modules (i.e. on completion of FR30320 to a B standard). Such a qualification will greatly enhance your overall degree, at a time when foreign language skills are very much in demand in the workplace.

How do I take the modules in this Structured Elective?

Select Module Title Credits
3 from: FR 20020
FR 20040
FR 30310
FR 30320
*Additional credits may come from any module with a FR code.
French language II a
French Language II b
French Language 3a: Expression avancée
French Language 3b