Non-Payment of Fees

What happens if I don’t pay my fees on time?

If you owe fees at the end of an academic year, it may affect the following:
Please note: In order to access to your provisional results you must not owe more than €50.

All student fees are required to be paid by the published dates. Notification of outstanding debt takes place as part of the invoicing cycle.

If you continue to owe fees a hold is placed on your student record.

What happens if a hold is placed on my account?

If a hold is placed on your student record it may restrict your access to: If you continue to owe fees you may incur late payment penalties and your details may be referred to our contracted debt collection agency, as detailed in the terms and conditions of the University. These terms and conditions are brought to your notice before you register to the university and are binding once registration is confirmed. All students agree to the terms and conditions of the University when they register to their programme on SISWeb.
How can I get a hold removed from my account?
To get a hold removed from your account you must pay;

How can I pay?


What is the debt carryover facility?

If you are an undergraduate student continuing into the next year of your programme you can register if your outstanding debt is less than €600.

This is then included in your liability for your minimum payment calculation for the next year i.e. one third of the total of your tuition fee, student contribution charge, student centre levy plus the debt you’ve carried over from the previous year.

Students on ‘free fees’ programmes are not liable for the tuition fee.

Students who have been awarded grants are not liable for the student contribution charge.

Recommendations and advice

If you are experiencing financial challenges contact your Student Adviser who can provide information on supports. It’s not possible for any funding received from the Student Assistance or Student Welfare funds to be used for the payment for fees.