Assessment Appeals

Assessment Appeals Procedure

If you feel that the grade for any assessment you submitted was not correct, you can appeal this to the Academic Council Committee on Assessment Appeals (ACCAA). If you wish to appeal, you need to lodge the appeal in the correct format with the Assessment Appeals Officer.

Grounds for Appeal

Students must have stated grounds for initiating an appeal and an assessment appeal will only be considered on the following grounds:

A) Procedural irregularity: There is evidence of substantive irregularity in the conduct of the assessment process, including where this results in an inappropriate grade assessment.

B) Extenuating Circumstances:
i) There were extenuating circumstances of which the Programme Board was aware but had rejected, because the application was late and the Programme Board did not consider the reason why the application was late to be valid.
ii) A prior circumstance emerged of which the Programme Board was not aware.

Lodging an assessment appeals

In order to lodge an appeal you must send the following to the Assessment Appeals Office within twenty working days of your final (Semester) results becoming available:
If you intend to lodge an appeal, please consult the Assessment Appeals Office website as soon as your results become available.
If you have any other questions or queries, or want to know more about the process, you can get in touch with the Assessment Appeals Office.

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