Financial Support in UCD

UCD recognises that some students may face financial difficulties during their time at university and a number of assistance schemes are in place to support such students. These schemes are funded by the Department of Education and Science under the National Development Plan with assistance from the European Social Fund. Whereas every student is expected to have budgeted appropriately and sufficiently before embarking on any course of study, monetary problems can arise for a number of reasons. Many students (and their families) find it difficult to make ends meet due to ongoing low income and/or other financial commitments. Similarly, financial worries may be the result of unforeseen events like a family bereavement, accident or illness. UCD has put in place targeted financial assistance schemes to assist students who find themselves in these situations. These funds cannot be used for the purposes of registration or tuition fees.Please note these funds cannot be used for the purposes of registration or tuition fees.

Details of UCD’s Financial Support schemes can be found online.

This funding can vary from year to year. If you find yourself in financial difficulties please contact your Student Adviser in the first instance. You may also speak with one of the Chaplains or the SU Welfare office, details below:

SU Welfare Officer
Student Advisers