How will I be Assessed?

Assessment in UCD may be different to your experience of assessment to date where there may have been greater emphasis on end of year examinations rather than continuous assessment. Under the UCD Horizons curriculum, assessment is based on a learning outcomes approach which measures what you are able to do after completing a module rather than simply testing your ability to memorise the content of the module. A wide and diverse variety of assessment methods are used in UCD which include – but are not limited to – continuous assessment, projects, essays, laboratory tests, laboratory reports, practical assignments, fieldwork assignments, clinical assessments, group assessments, MCQ examinations, mid-semester examinations and terminal examinations.

Normally each of your modules in UCD will have at least one type of assessment, these are called components e.g. essay, exam, MCQ. You will find the key information about how each component of a module will be assessed and also what to do if you fail (remediation) in the Assessment section of the Module Descriptor for each of your registered modules. Once you register to a module, the published assessment will only change in exceptional circumstances, this should be communicated to you in advance of the assessment. All assessments are important in developing your learning. For example, assessments in the early weeks are designed to give you an early indication of your own progress. In order to do well in a module you will need to:

There are a number of books which provide advice on how to be successful at university; here are two Irish books:

Visit the Assessment web page for more information.