UCD Music

The UCD Symphony Orchestra

The UCD Symphony Orchestra is the university’s flagship instrumental ensemble with around 80 playing members. The UCDSO performs several major concerts annually featuring major guest artists. Challenging programmes are tackled in a stimulating and relaxed environment at weekly rehearsals on Monday evenings in the Astra Hall, Student Centre. The orchestra’s repertoire centres on concert works from the 19th and 20th centuries, with regular forays into music for film, contemporary compositions and multi-media.  The UCDSO is an active member of the European Network of University Orchestras, and has performed joint concerts with university orchestras in Belfast, Mannheim (Germany) and Uppsala (Sweden).

Students can apply by filling out a form on our website. Auditions are held early in the first semester to assign places and award a number of scholarships (up to 20). You can take the orchestra as a module/elective for academic credit irrespective of your study programme. The UCD Symphony Orchestra provides a fantastic social environment to meet and make friends right across the university spectrum.

Dr Ciarán Crilly
T: 01 716 3436
E: orchestra@ucd.ie
W: www.ucd.ie/orchestra

The UCD Choral Scholarships

UCD offers 18 scholarships (worth €1,000 on average) to singers each year, awarded on the performance of candidates at an audition held at the beginning of Semester 1 (early September). Successful candidates sing as part of UCD Choral Scholars, the University’s premier vocal ensemble. UCD Choral Scholars is Ireland’s leading collegiate choral-ensemble and a key cultural ambassador of UCD. Apart from a regular schedule of feature-concerts, they represent UCD at key university events, on radio, on TV, with leading national and international ensembles in Ireland and on the international stage.

In March 2014 they embarked on a ten-day musical journey of the eastern USA and performed several full concert programmes of Irish contemporary choral and instrumental art-music, and arrangements of traditional songs. The group recently recorded a disc for Signum Records UK, due for worldwide release later in 2015. Being a UCD Choral Scholar is a great way to meet students from other disciplines in UCD and to make friends for life. If you are interested in auditioning please see the recruitment page at www.ucd.ie/choralscholars. Feel free to contact UCD Choral Scholars before 17th September 2015.

Dr Desmond Earley (Artistic Director, UCD Choral Scholars)
E: choralscholars@ucd.ie
W: www.ucd.ie/choralscholars
Twitter: @UCDChoral

A comment from Kate Lenehan - 3rd Health & Performance Science (UCD Choral Scholar 2012-2014):
‘Having been involved in sport my whole life, I never thought that it would take a backseat to music on my arrival to UCD. I had always enjoyed music and singing, but had never taken it to a high level. UCD Choral Scholars had a massive part to play in making my college life incredible. The music we made was of a standard I had never experienced before, whether it was classical or more contemporary material. Our conductor has a way of bringing out a sound that is completely unique to our UCD group: I’ve learnt so much from him and the other members of the ensemble, and I can safely say that my sight-reading is a million percent better now than it was at my first scholars’ rehearsal! I had no clue that membership of this ensemble would take me to Budapest, let alone on a ten-day tour of the USA! These trips are only a glimpse of what is to come in the future of UCD Choral Scholars: we recently recorded a number of tracks a CD with a UK label, and the production team comprised a Grammy award-winning sound engineer and one of the UK’s best classical producers. I made some of my greatest friends through my membership of UCD Choral Scholars, and the best part is that we hail from all over the country and are studying completely different things - Clare, Cork, Donegal, Dublin, Kildare , Limerick, Tyrone and Wexford were all represented in 2013-2014. I have no doubt that performing music will always be something important to us all.’

The UCD Philharmonic Choir

The UCD Philharmonic Choir is for staff and students alike who share a common interest in performing a diverse range of choral music from all genres. The choir seeks to achieve the highest standards of choral technique and ensemble by exploring the choral repertoire in an intensive and enjoyable environment.

The choir can also be taken as a module for credit. It is also a unique opportunity to meet students and staff from across the UCD campus in a performance-oriented and friendly environment. Entry is strictly by audition and audition forms are available online and also from the UCD School of Music, Newman Building, Room J301.

September 2016 auditions will take place on the following days and times:

Note: If unable to make any of the above dates email the Philharmonic Choir Director Ms. Amy Ryan or the School office

UCD Gamelan Orchestra

Gamelan is the ancient classical music of Indonesia, with a history stretching back almost a thousand years. It is an orchestra made up of tuned gongs and other bronze percussion instruments, with a handful of softer instruments such as the bamboo flute (suling), the two-stringed fiddle (rebab) and drums (kendhang).

Each gamelan orchestra is individually built and no two are tuned exactly alike. This gives each gamelan its own distinct personality, and it is common to give a gamelan a name and even celebrate its “birthday” on the date when it was first played.

The UCD Gamelan Orchestra was originally built in the city of Surakarta in Central Java by Pak Mulyono in 2002. It became the first ever regular gamelan ensemble in Dublin City when the instruments were officially played by the group in their new home in UCD's Newman Building on 3rd October 2012. Since then, the instruments have been played at festivals, universities and venues across Dublin, for such special guests including the UCD Vice-President and the Indonesian Ambassador.

Students joining of the UCD Gamelan Orchestra will be taught both traditional Javanese music and modern gamelan works and arrangements. Students will learn to play different instruments within the ensemble, and they are encouraged to compose and perform their own compositions.