UCD Students’ Union - How UCD SU works for you


UCD has roughly 25,000 students on campus which is an awful lot of people to fit into one room so that is why we have Full-time Officers, Conveners and Class Reps.

Full-Time Officers: These are the officers of the Union that look after the day to day running of the Union and deal with any problems that the Convenors are having trouble with. We are also here if you feel that your problem needs special attention. To find out who the Officers are, please visit the Students’ Union website.

Convenors: These are effectively heads of schools for the class reps. There is a Convenor for every college in UCD: Arts, Human Sciences, Engineering and Architecture, Science, Business and Law, Agriculture and Veterinary and Health Science. They are the go-to guy/girl for when there is a problem that a class rep can’t deal with on their own or even if they just need a little help, your college Convenor is always on call to lend a hand. Class Reps: We have representatives from every programme in UCD and they are responsible for dealing with problems that classes might have with their lecturers,
organising parties for their class and organising the class hoodies and of course the class trip. Anyone can do it so don’t forget to drop in your nomination form by Thursday, 25 September. 


The Students’ Union also runs the following services:
Help and Advice
When times are tough your SU is there to support you. Whether it’s offering impartial and non-judgmental advice, or even help applying to the Student Welfare Funds, we deal with all our appointments in the strictest of confidentiality.


In threat of being evicted from residences? Been accused of plagiarism and summoned to a plagiarism hearing? Our officers are trained in advocacy and come to these meetings alongside you. Having an officer who is a peer by your side in these tricky situations can be invaluable.

Visit www.ucdsu.ie for more information