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UCD encourages all students and staff to engage with the UCD community and our neighbours through volunteerism. To volunteer means to act on behalf of another by doing non-compulsory, unpaid work. Giving your time and talent to help others benefits them while you serve, learn and have fun!

Students and staff at UCD volunteer in the areas of culture, recreation, education, research, health, social services, environment, development and housing, law, advocacy and politics, philanthropy and the promotion of volunteerism, international concerns, faith-based action, in business and professional associations, unions and many others. UCD encourages all members of the community to consider giving time to a cause, an organisation, a club or society to benefit our community—across UCD and beyond. UCD believes that volunteering produces active citizens that contribute to an improved quality of life for all.

Students who volunteer learn important life skills that can change their attitudes, perceptions, life-long habits and improve their ability to find employment and become responsible citizens.

Students can register and track their volunteer record during their time at UCD. Students who have participated in structured UCD programmes like UCD Volunteers Overseas, Peer Mentoring, Orientation, Tutoring, or as leaders in Clubs and Societies and for external organisations can keep a record of their voluntary activity for their own use and to help UCD promote socially responsible programmes. UCD wishes to celebrate the active citizenship and service of its community, to engage local and international challenges, to deliver important services, while creating ways for students to belong and feel connected with others like-minded students.

UCD Volunteers Overseas

UCD Volunteers Overseas is a charitable organisation which offers students, staff and alumni the opportunity to engage in voluntary work in developing countries. UCDVO currently runs projects in India, Nicaragua, Tanzania and Uganda and works alongside local communities in carrying out small-scale development projects which respond to local needs. The UCDVO Student Society runs a number of awareness-raising and fundraising initiatives throughout the year.

UCDVO works on projects in the areas of education, environment, healthcare, construction and IT. Projects take place over a four week period during June/July and an average of 140 volunteers travel each year. UCDVO not only provides opportunities for volunteers and host communities to share and develop skills, but it also generates greater understanding and respect for diverse cultures and life experiences. Volunteers who participate in UCDVO take part in development education training workshops before departing and on their return. Volunteers are encouraged to engage in awareness-raising activities which highlight their experiences overseas and also emphasise connections with wider development issues.

Applications for the 2017/18 programme will open online at www.ucdvo.org on the 25 September 2017 and following an interview process, selected volunteers will be notified by the beginning of November.

Each volunteer has a target of €2,600 which must be reached before travelling in June. Volunteers are encouraged to self-fund part of these costs and can also carry out fundraising events such as table quizzes, bag-packs, sponsored walks/cycles/ runs and coffee mornings to raise funds throughout the year. These funds support the volunteers’ participation costs as well as the project implementation, i.e. building a school, running an education programme for disadvantaged children, or setting up computer labs.

For more information please visit:

Twitter @UCDVO

You can also speak to past volunteers by dropping into our Volunteer Office beside Readers Café in the Library Building.

T: (01) 716 8570
E: caroline@ucdvo.org