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21 August 2017
Welcome to UCD - 2017/18

Welcome to University College Dublin. I am delighted that you have chosen to study with us.

As you are not coming directly into first year you may not be aware of all the supports we have and where you can find them. Emails like this, along with our Facebook and Twitter, allow us to keep you up to date with what you need to know as the year progresses.

With the main registration season for 2017/18 underway, you will find some important information below on the following:
  • Orientation
  • Online registration
  • Choosing electives
  • Paying your fees
  • UCD Student Card (UCARD)
  • Dates for Semester 1 exams
  • Campus car parking
  • Emails from UCD
  • Student Supports
  • Staying connected

Kind regards,

Andrew Myler
Director of Administrative Services
UCD Registry
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Welcome and Orientation

The digital edition of the Welcome to UCD booklet has lots of useful registration and orientation information to get you started.

UCD Orientation Week runs from 4-8 September so please make sure you check your Orientation timetable carefully.

Make sure to check with your Programme Office for important programme information.
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Online Registration

You will need to confirm your registration online – you are a UCD student once you do this. You also need to pick your modules (including any Elective modules). Check your UCD Connect email for confirmation of your Start Time for module registration. Your Start Time is open-ended so you can begin your registration any time from the date/time confirmed in the email.

To access online registration:
  • Go to and click on the SISWeb icon
  • Enter your UCD Connect username (UCD Student number) and password* (date of birth in ddmmyy format)
    *If you have already created an Online Applications/SISWeb password, please use that
  • The Enter Registration Process button will bring you to the online registration pages. The first time you click on it you are confirming your registration for 2017/18

A step by step guide to online registration is available on the Current Students website.
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Choosing your Elective modules

Check out the choices available when selecting your Elective modules. As well as In-programme Electives and General Electives, there are a number of Structured Electives available, as well as exciting new Discovery modules that you can choose as Electives.

You'll find some useful tips on choosing Electives in UCD online.
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Paying your fees

Check the website for the fee payment dates and what you need to pay for 2017/18.

Online payments can be made through your SISWeb account. Other payment options are also available.

To complete your online grant application or track its progress, visit the SUSI website.
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Student Card (UCARD)

Your UCARD is your official identification card for the duration of your programme in UCD so please make sure you look after it over the summer.

Once you have confirmed your registration for 2017/18, your UCARD will remain active. If you need a new card, contact the UCARD Bureau.
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Dates for Semester 1 Exams 2017/18

Semester 1 exams will run from 11-22 December 2017. The exams will finish at 2pm on Friday, 22 December 2017.
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Campus Car Parking

Parking charges will apply 8:00am to 5.00pm, Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays) during the peak demand periods of Semester 1 and Semester 2.
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Emails from UCD

The University uses email as an official means of communication with students and provides a UCD Connect email to each student for this purpose.

What you need to know
In addition to the UCD Connect email, communications will also be sent to the personal email account for all students who have provided a non-UCD Connect account.

What you need to do
Go to the ‘My Profile’ tab in SISWeb and check that your personal details are up to date. If you don’t want UCD to use your personal email address, you can tell us using the ‘My Profile’ tab.

Please note
Your UCD Connect email address remains the main point of contact for all communications.
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Student Supports

During your time as a UCD student, you may need extra support in your personal or academic life. UCD has a wide range of supports available. To find out more visit the student help web page.
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Stay connected

There are a number of ways you can keep up with what's happening in UCD:
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