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28 August 2014
Dear Student,

Welcome to University College Dublin. We are delighted that you have chosen to study with us.

As you are you not coming directly into first year you may not be aware of all of the supports we have and where you can find them. Emails like this, along with our Facebook and Twitter, allow us to keep you up to date with what you need to know as the year progresses.

With the main registration season for 2014/15 underway there is some useful information below to help you with what you need to do between now and the start of term.

Michael Sinnott
Director of Administrative Services
UCD Registry

Read the info booklet

The digital edition of the Welcome to UCD booklet has lots of useful registration and orientation information to get you started.
Register online for 2014/15

You must confirm your registration for 2014/15. To do this log into SISWeb and click on the Enter Registration Process button.

You will also need to pick your modules (including any electives). Check your UCD Connect email for confirmation of your Start Time for module registration. Your Start Time is open-ended so you can begin your registration any time from the date/time confirmed in the email.

There is a step-by-step guide to online registration available if you need help.

Pay your fees

You need to pay the appropriate amount of fees in order to be a fully registered student.

For information on the Student Contribution Charge and the Student Centre Levy, visit the website. You will see a breakdown of your fees in SISWeb. You can pay online in SISWeb or in any bank using the UCD Fee Payment Form/Giro.

If you have applied to SUSI for a grant please note that there is no need to contact UCD about it as SUSI will tell us if your application is successful. You can keep track of your application here.


Upload your photo for your UCD Student Card (UCARD)

You must upload a photo for your UCARD by 29 August so you can collect it during orientation.


Check the orientation and social events timetables

UCD Orientation will take place from Tuesday, 2 to Friday, 5 September 2014 and is a good chance to get academic advice and make new friends.

The timetables are available on the Current Students site.

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