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11 August 2014
Dear Student,

The main registration season for 2014/15 starts this week.

If you are completing your studies with UCD in 2013/14 we wish you every success in your future career or further study. The section on fees below may have some information of relevance to you.

For those of you who are returning to UCD, we look forward to welcoming you back in September. Please find below important information regarding your registration for 2014/15.

Kind regards,

Michael Sinnott
Director of Administrative Services
UCD Registry

Registering online for 2014/15

Check your UCD Connect email for confirmation of your Start Time for module registration. Your Start Time is open-ended so you can begin your registration any time from the date/time confirmed in the email.

If you were due to book a Start Time between 29 July and 6 August but did not, one will be allocated to you.
Keep an eye on your UCD Connect email for the details.

Stage 1 Repeat students can book a Start Time on 27 August (from 8.00am to 1.00pm). You will begin module registration from 28 August.

See the Current Students website for information and key dates.

All students must go online to confirm their registration to their programme.


For information on the Student Contribution Charge, Student Centre Levy and Repeat/Resit fees, visit our website.

You can pay online in SISWeb or in any bank using the UCD Fee Payment Form/Giro. The fee payment dates for 2014/15 are available here.

Your fees will be charged on a modular basis. This means that as you register to/drop modules, your fee charges will change accordingly. Check your fee account on a regular basis to ensure that you have met your fee payment requirements.

If you owe fees from 2013/14 it may affect your ability to register for 2014/15. If you are completing, you will be prevented from graduating and access to academic transcripts or academic statements will be blocked. Check here for more information.


If you have completed your online grant application with SUSI, keep track of it here. If you still need to complete your online grant application, visit the SUSI website for information.

Resits/Repeats in 2014/15

If you have modules to repeat/resit you can register to them online through the Repeats/Subs/Transf tab once module registration opens for you. You will also be able to register online to any WL/WX modules you have. For more information, visit our website.

Changes to Compensation

Compensation continues to be phased out:
  • Level 0, 1, 4 and 5 modules registered for and taken in 2013/14 and onwards are not eligible for compensation.
  • From September 2014/15, level 2 modules registered for and taken in 2014/15 and onwards will not be eligible for compensation.
  • An E grade received for any level 2 module registered for and taken in 2013/14 or earlier, that is eligible to compensate, will still be eligible to compensate this year and onwards.
Check the compensation information on the web for full details.

UView – your student record

UView is available through the Registration, Fees & Assessment tab in SISWeb. Information provided includes your credits earned and attempted as well as your GPA per stage. For more on this visit our website.

Student Card (UCARD)

Your UCARD is your official identification card for the duration of your programme in UCD so please make sure you look after it over the summer.

Once you have registered and paid the appropriate fee, your student card will be reactivated for 2014/15.
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