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What is the survey for?
As a student at UCD you have an important role in shaping the development of the modules offered in your programme. To ensure that the quality of modules we deliver remains at a high level we are asking you to comment on your thoughts and experiences on the modules you complete each semester by completing an online survey.

Why should I complete the survey?
This is your opportunity to shape the development of modules in UCD. You can effect change that students after you will benefit from and you will benefit from the feedback cycle as changes are made on the basis of feedback from students taking modules before you. Your feedback will help improve the programme and this in turn will add value to your degree.

When do I have to do it by?
Students are asked to complete the survey as soon as possible. The survey is normally open for one month at the end each semester.

Will the module coordinator know what I have said?
All responses are anonymous. Feedback will not be traced back to individual students.

Who will see my responses and when will they see them?
Feedback collected by the survey will be treated confidentially. The amalgamated, anonymous responses will be seen by the module coordinator and head of school, only after your exam results have been issued.

How will my responses be used?
Your feedback will be used by your module coordinator and the head of school to improve the module.

Where do I access the survey?
You can access the survey at or on the Student Surveys and Module Feedback channel on the UCD Connect home tab.

How long does the survey take?
The survey has been kept as short as possible so that it only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

I am having difficulty logging into SISweb directly what should I do?
Students who are having difficulty logging into SISWeb directly should contact the Student Desk via the Student Desk Connector or by telephone 716-1555.

I am having difficulty logging into UCD Connect what should I do?
Students who are having issues logging into their UCD Connect Account should contact the IT Helpdesk at or by telephone 716-2700.