Module Places

As part of your registration you will be choosing Option and Elective modules (if relevant). However, you may find that you cannot always get into a module that you want. Read about the reasons for this and for advice on what to do if you have not been able to get a place on a module you want.

Where possible, additional places on previously full modules are released at 3.00pm Monday to Friday during online module registration.

A list of available modules will appear here as modules open for registration. This list will be updated on an ongoing basis throughout the registration period.

Bookmark this page and check back when module registration opens in August 2018.


Why can't I get a place on my preferred module?

There are three possible reasons.

No places left in the module:

The module clashes with something else on your timetable:

You may not be eligible to take the module:

In each of these cases, the system will prevent you from registering to the clashing module and inform you of the reason.

What is 'Module Capacity'?

A module’s capacity is the total number of students who can be accommodated within the module. Every module has its own fixed capacity determined by factors such as room capacity, staff/resources available to support it, the requirement to keep to a given staff/student ratio etc.

Each module’s capacity is set by the School responsible for its delivery and is divided into four categories:

These places are frequently revisited and, where possible, amended to meet demand.

Does UCD try to ensure that there are enough places?

Yes. Throughout the registration period, Registry staff actively monitor module capacity relative to demand and work with Schools to ensure that as many students as possible can get places on their preferred modules.

What can I do if I've been unsuccessful in getting a place on a preferred module?

The best advice is to immediately go for a place on an alternative module, bearing in mind that you can change your module registration until registration closes. However, there are a number of ways you may still be able to get a place on your preferred module: