Module Spotlight

Listed below are a selection of interesting modules choices that have general elective places available. Please click on the module titles to find out more. Always read the information in ‘Am I eligible to take this module?’ before you make your decision.

Module ID Module Title
AH10070Dublin: Its Museums
ANAT10030Forensic Anthropology
ANSC10010Intro to Animal Science
ARCH10050Intro archaeology of Ireland
BIOL10070Biology for the Modern World
BMOL30100Leading Teams in the Scientific Enterprise
BMOL40350Business Planning for the Scientific Enterprise
BMGT10060Introduction to Management
BMGT10130Mastering University Learning
BMGT10160Global Marketplace
CCIV10030The British Celts
CCIV10040Vikings in the Celtic World
CHN10100Chinese Politics and Media
CHN20050Chinese Law
COMP20090Intro. to Cognitive Science
COMP20130Intro to Comp Forensics
COMP30390Enterprise, Innovation & Entre
DEV20130Sustainable Development Goals
DSCY10010Global Development Goals
DSCY10020Science revolutions
DSCY10050War: Ancient and modern
DSCY10060Energy Climate Change & Policy
DSCY10080Gateways to Japan
ECON10720Microeconomics for Business
ECON10760Macroeconomics for Business
ECON10770Introduction to Economics
EDUC20030Education for Democracy
ENG10020Children's Literature
FDSC10010Food Diet and Health
FDSC20110Food Diet and Health II
FDSC20230Intro. Human Eating Behaviour
FOR20110Forests, Climate and Carbon
FS10020Perspectives on Media II
GEOG10080Earth Systems
GEOG10130Hum & Env thr Time and Space
GEOG10140Mapping Your World
GEOG30830Geographic Information Systems
GEOL10040Earth, Environment and Society
GEOL10050Earth and Humanity
GEOL10060Introduction to Earth Sciences
GEOL20110Global Environmental Change
GEOL20180Geoscience for Sustainability
GRC10140Classical Myth: An Intro
GRC10170Lost Cities
GRC10180The Age of Augustus
GRC10190War and the Hero
GRC10200Classical Greece
HIS10070Modern Europe
HIS10080Rome to Renaissance
HIS20460Islam and Christianity
HIS20470Modern America
HIS20670The French Revolution
HIS20780History of Science
HIS20950Early Modern Europe, 1450-1800
HIS20960The Irish Experience
HIS20970Early Medieval Ireland
HIS21070Australian History
HIS21080British Empire, 1495-1945
HIS21120Northern Ireland, 1920-2010
HIS21150Economic History
HIS21170Muslims and the Mediterranean
HNUT30010Food Diet and Health III
HORT20060Sportsturf Construction
HUM10010Study Skills in the Humanities
HUM10030Introduction to Arts
HUM10040Academic Writing in Practice
IA20020Entrepreneurial Endeavour
IA20060Intro Social Entrepreneurship
IR10040Teanga na Gaeilge I
IR10140Litríocht na Gaeilge
IS10010Information & Social Media
IS10030Information Design
IS10050Digital Judgement
LANG10010Italian Gen Purp 1
LANG10020Chinese L & C 1
LANG10070Italian Gen Purp 2
LANG10080Arabic Gen Purp 1
LANG10100German Gen Purp 1
LANG10170French Gen Purp 1
LANG10200Japanese L & C 2
LANG10210Japanese L & C 1
LANG10220Russian Gen Purp 1
LANG10230Spanish Gen Purp 1
LANG10260Spanish Gen Purp 2
LANG10380Swahili General Purposes 1
LANG20040French Gen Purp 5
LANG20440French for General Purposes 4
LANG20450German for General Purposes 4
LANG20470Spanish General Purposes 4
LAW10270Civil Procedure
MATH10310Calculus for Science
MUS20310Popular Music and Culture
MUS20610Music in Ireland
MUS20620Post-Truth, Politics & Music
NMHS10090Soc History Irish Healthcare
NMHS10100Health across the Lifespan
NMHS20070Women's & Men's Health
PHIL10040Introduction to Ethics
PHIL10100Existentialism and Humanism
PHIL10110Intro to Eastern Philosophy
PHIL10160Critical Thinking
PHYC10050Astronomy & Space Science
PHYC10200Conceptual Physics
PSY10090Intro to Applied Psychology
PSY20200Psychology for Everyday Life
PSY20210Psych of Media & Entertainment
PSY30430Psych of Media & Entertainment
RDEV10160Intro to Humanitarian Action
RDEV20220Agri-Food & Sust Dev Goals
SCI20030Community, Volunteering & Lead
SPOL10010Soc Pol Theories&Concepts I
SSJ20050Social Justice Movements
SSJ20130Global Crisis & Social Justice
SSJ20140Human Rights & Social Justice
STAT10010Research Methods