New UCD students checklist

*This information applies to incoming CAO Undergraduate students only

To help you get started, we have put together a checklist below of things to do before you arrive and when you arrive at UCD.

Before you arrive

  1. Accept your offer
    Check your offer notice carefully and follow the instructions to accept your offer before the reply date

  2. Download the Welcome to UCD guide
    Download your digital edition of the Welcome to UCD guide. Save the link to your smartphone or tablet so you can access the guide wherever you are.

  3. Check out UCD’s jargon buster
    The UCD jargon buster will help you familiarise yourself with words and phrases you will encounter as a UCD student.

  4. Go to UCD Connect
    Three working days after you accept your offer, go to, click on the Email icon and select Student. Your username is your CAO number/student number. If you have already created a password for SISWeb, please use that. Otherwise, your temporary password is your date of birth (in the format ddmmyy). Your UCD email address will be used for official UCD correspondence so make sure you check it regularly. If you have any problems logging in, please visit the UCD IT Support page.

    You can begin Step 1 of registration within three working days of accepting your offer. To enter online registration, go to UCD Connect and click on the SISWeb icon. Your username is your CAO number/student number and your password is your date of birth (ddmmyy). Youʼll find information on how to register in your welcome guide but you can also download an online step-by-step guide to registration.

    Things to note:
    • If your term address and/or phone number is different to your home address, make sure to enter it.
    • Pay any fees you owe by the instalment deadlines.
    • If you have applied for a grant, make sure you include your Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) grant application number in the field provided.
    • Make sure you upload your photo as soon as possibleso that you can collect your UCD Student Card in the UCARD Bureau.

  6. Check out your orientation timetable
    Make sure you print your personalised Orientation Timetable

  7. Find out how to get to UCD
    Visit our maps and transport sections for information on getting to UCD.

  8. Finalise your accommodation
    If you have been offered a place on campus, follow the instructions emailed to you by UCD Residences very carefully. If you donʼt get a place on campus, check out the following links for accommodation off campus:

  9. Begin Step 2 of registration
    Check your UCD email for information about your registration or contact your School.

  10. Get social!
    Check out the list of UCD-related social media sites and keep up to date with the latest news and events from around the University.

On arrival at UCD

  1. Check your academic timetable
    Important information on module content and assessments is presented at the first lecture - donʼt miss it!

  2. Check the UCD Term Dates
    Keep an eye on for important dates for the academic year.

  3. Know where to go for support
    There is much to enjoy at university, but it can also be difficult and stressful at times. If you have any problems while youʼre here, there are people to help you. Different supports are available at

  4. Get to know your Students’ Union
    On joining UCD, you automatically become a member of the UCD Studentsʼ Union (SU). The SU represents studentsʼ views and opinions, and works on a number of University committees from all areas of university life as the voice of the student population.

  5. Get involved in UCD Life
    There are more than a hundred clubs and societies in UCD, covering everything from debating and creative writing to juggling and dancing, and everything in between. Find a club, society or group that interests you, and join it.

  6. Make sure you read...
    UCD Student Charter
    UCD Student Code
    UCD Academic Regulations
    UCD Email Protocol
    UCD Exam Regulations
    UCD Smoke-free Campus Policy