Parental Authorisation Service

The Student Desk is committed to delivering a consistently high level of service to all of our students. We understand that sometimes students would like us to be able to discuss particular aspects of their student record, for example, registration and fees, with their parents or guardian. In order to adhere to the GDPR, we have implemented a Parental Authorisation Service, which is available through SISWeb. Please see below for details on the Parental Authorisation Service:

What is Parental Authorisation?
By providing a password and sharing it with a parent or guardian, you are providing the Student Desk with consent to discuss certain aspects of your record with them. You can revoke this consent at any point by removing the password.

How does the Parental Authorisation Service work?
Simply type your password in the box provided. Should your parent or guardian contact us and provide the password, it will allow us to release certain details relating to your record.

What kind of information will we share?
We will only share information relating to your registration and fees. This can include what your current fee balance is, whether payments have been received in relation to your record, etc. We will not release any information regarding your grades or examination results.

Where do I enter my Parental Authorisation password?
You can enter a Parental Authorisation password in SISWeb through My Registration.

Why do we use Parental Authorisation?
The Student Desk receive a very large number of queries from students' parents and guardians. Primarily these queries relate to payment of fees. Without authorisation, we are unable to release any of this information to anyone other then the student. We use Parental Authorisation to help provide the best service possible to students and parents.

Who else in UCD uses Parental Authorisation?
The Student Desk, UCD Registry, is the only team using this. Should your parent or guardian contact any other office in UCD, including your Programme Office or School, they will not be able to use the password to access your information.

Who can access the information stored on UniShare?
UCD Student Desk Staff: Your information can only be accessed by members of staff working on the Student Desk.

You: You can access, edit or remove the password at any time by accessing your Registration profile through SISWeb.

For how long is the password stored?
For security reasons, we keep an audit of the password you have provided and any changes you have made. This information is stored for the length of your programme.

What are my rights to information?
You have the right to request to access or edit the information you provide at any time. If you have any questions about your stored information, please contact the Student Desk and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Contact details
If you have any questions about Parental Authorisation, please contact us or call in to the Tierney Building and we will be happy to help. Please find further relevant contact details below:

UCD Student Desk, 01 716 1555,