Complaints Procedure

The University’s complaints procedure is designed to ensure that all complaints are considered and investigated carefully and professionally. In line with the Student Complaints Procedure, all complaints directed at Administrative Services will be initially dealt with at a local level. For further information on the University’s Student Complaints procedure please click here: This procedure was reviewed and amended in conjunction with the Ombudsman Amendment Act 2012.

Administrative Services are committed to providing an excellent quality of support to all students who avail of our services. Issues arising pertaining to non-students who wish to complain will also be dealt with at our local level, although these complaints will not be eligible for escalation to the formal level as part of the Student’s Complaints Procedure.

Although our goal is to offer a continuous high level of service we recognize that complaints do arise and value them as an opportunity to both deal with the specific issue that has arisen as well as to enhance the services that we provide. The information provided on this page outlines our complaints procedure and how to make a complaint as well as clarifying the specific areas and services we are responsible for.

Who can complain?
Anyone who is directly affected by any of the services that we provide can make a complaint to us. It is advisable to make a complaint personally and in writing, however verbal complaints are also accepted. Students are advised to raise concerns as soon as possible (and no later than 15 working days) after becoming aware of an issue. If you wish to authorise a representative to make the complaint on your behalf you will be required to provide a signed declaration to that effect.

What can I complain about?
Administrative Services comprises of several units including;

In relation to the services the above units provide, you can complain about; What is not covered by the Complaints Procedure? *If your complaint refers to a service outside our scope of responsibility we will endeavour to redirect you to the appropriate channel of communication as effectively as possible.

How do I complain?
There are a number of avenues through which you can make a complaint;
  1. Our preferred method of receiving complaints is through our online ‘Rate our Service’ form
  2. In writing to ‘Student Desk, Tierney Building, Belfield, Dublin 4’
  3. In person at the Student Desk
  4. By phone to (01) 716 1555
Although verbal complaints will be accepted and dealt with, it is advisable to record your complaint in writing.

Local Resolution Procedure
If possible, the complaint will be resolved immediately, otherwise it will follow the steps outlined below. Please note that all complaints should be made within 15 days of the original issue arising
  1. When your complaint is logged you will receive a formal receipt of submission, along with information on who is dealing with your complaint within 5 working days
  2. The complaint will be raised with the appropriate area, who aim to provide a response to your complaint within 10 working days. This is to allow for consultation with all parties involved and for pertinent information to be shared.
  3. If the resolution is not deemed satisfactory, you may seek to have the complaint escalated to a higher level within the appropriate area. You can do this by completing the Student Complaint Form, Head of Unit Review
  4. You will then receive a formal receipt of escalation within 2 working days and a response to your complaint within 15 working days.
What if I remain dissatisfied
If you are a student and you remain dissatisfied with the local resolution after the above steps you will be directed to make a formal complaint through the Student Complaints Office in line with University policy. You can do this using the Student Complaint Form, University Review.
For all third parties who have made complaints at this level, the local resolution is the highest escalation available within the University.
Complaint Procedure Flowchart

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or to call in to see us in the Tierney Building. We will be happy to help.