Student Desk Connector

What is a Connector and how does it work?
A Connector is a dynamic contact form which enables users to be 'connected' to the information they require in a quick and easy fashion. Connectors are based on a short series of questions, and/or if a query is not answered they allow the user to submit their query should the answer not be freely available on our website.

It informs the user, redirects them to the appropriate webpage where applicable, directs them to the appropriate section or staff member, and allows queries to be submitted to the correct department if necessary.

Why do we use Connectors?
The Student Desk alone receives on average 30,000 email queries each year, with approximately one third of those requiring forwarding to another department, and another third again of a general nature where information is available online which answers these types of query.

The Connectors have replaced the generic Registry email addresses of the past, in order to provide a better service to students as well to offer a more streamlined and formatted online query management system than was currently in place within UCD Registry. This has enabled us to offer a quick turnaround to queries, and we believe this to be a significant step towards more effective management of student queries.

We constantly review the structure, links and content of our Connectors ensuring that they are up to date and relevant for users. Feedback by users can also be submitted and we welcome any criticisms or suggestions for improvement.

Please take a look at our Student Desk Connector GDPR information page for more information on how we gather, store and process your data.

A map of our Connectors can be seen below (Click the image to see a larger version with clickable links to each Connector on the image):

Connector Map

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or to call in to see us in the Tierney Building. We will be happy to help.