Official Documents

The Student Desk is responsible for the production of official documents relating to your registration and academic history. A description of what each document includes is available in the below table.

How to access your Official Documents

Electronic Copies Most students who began their degree post 2000 can access electronic copies of their official documents online, free of charge. How to access your Official Documents Online

Hard Copies
If you need hard copies of any of your official documents (Transcripts, Statements of Results etc.) we can help! Please take a look at the sample documents below to help figure out what document you need and then follow the instructions on How to order hard copies of your Official Documents

Official Documents Information Online Version Available Hard Copy Available
Academic Statement Yes (view sample) Yes (view sample)
Certificate of Attendance Yes (view sample) Yes (view sample)
Graduate Research Transcript Yes (view sample) Yes (view sample)
Statement of Results Yes (view sample) Yes (view sample)
Transcript Yes (view sample) Yes (view sample)
Diploma Supplement Yes (view sample) No

If you require a copy of your diploma/degree parchment you will need to contact the NUI.

For further information on module or course information go Module Information / Curriculum Archive page.

You can find more information on all our Official Documents, including how to find online versions and document verification, if you look at our FAQ's.

If you are using online versions of your documents, it is important that you enable/disable verification. You can do this through your SISWeb account.

If you have any questions in relation to any of the above please contact us through our Student Desk Connector, call in or phone us.

UCD treats the fraudulent duplication or amendment of its official documents as a serious offence. Any such action will be considered a breach of UCD Regulations and will trigger disciplinary procedures. Such matters may also constitute a criminal offence and, as such, are liable to be reported to An Garda Síochána.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or to call in to see us in the Tierney Building. We will be happy to help.