Official Document Security

Online Document Security

How secure is it?
  1. Documents cannot be viewed online unless the student/graduate has enabled verification
  2. No-one will be able to access online records without the correct combination of Student ID and Document-specific PIN. This PIN is a randomly-generated, 16-digit, alphanumeric code which is only available on the document distributed by the student. The chances of someone correctly guessing this combination is considerably greater than one in 1,000 trillion!
  3. Having entered the correct combination of codes, the recipient must complete a CAPTCHA test ( to prevent illegal phishing of student data.
Important information for document recipients (Data Protection)
UCD provides this online verification mechanism to enable third parties to authenticate UCD documents which students have chosen to publish. Please note that the student retains the right to disable verification of their documents at any time.

Please note that you are obliged, under the Data Protection Act 1988 and the Data Protection Amendment Act 2003, to keep these documents and their contents secure from unauthorised access, disclosure, destruction or accidental loss. Access to this data is intended for verification purposes only and should not be used for any other function.

Secure Paper (Hard Copy Documents)

What is secure paper?
Secure paper is used in the publication of some key UCD documents issued to students and graduates, namely Academic Transcripts, Statements of Results and Academic Statements. This paper has a number of security features designed to deter attempts of forgery and fraud.

Why has UCD moved to secure documents?
We are making this move to a more secure paper in recognition of the value of these documents to our students and graduates, and to the third parties who receive these documents. This development is also in line with international best practice and addresses the areas of potential threat – false production and document tampering. While we acknowledge that any such threat is extremely rare, UCD is determined to protect at all times the integrity of its examination results/awards documents.

When was secure paper introduced?
UCD Registry started producing Academic Transcripts, Academic Statements and Statements of Results on secure paper from Monday, 14 February 2011.

Are documents issued prior to Monday, 14 February 2011 still valid?
Yes, absolutely. Our traditional approach to producing these documents was, in common with many universities, to use headed notepaper, stamped with the University seal on each page, and closed with the use of the Registrar's signature. All such documents produced by UCD before Monday, 14 February are still valid statements of the student's studies. There is no need for students or graduates to request new copies of such documents.

What are the security features?
Hologram: This customised hologram, which mirrors the UCD logo, is unique to UCD and is extremely difficult to re-produce.
Numismatic Printing: The UCD logo is incorporated into the background of the document in fine, numismatic print. This guilloche pattern of wavy lines deters fraudulent amendment of the text printed over it.
Toner Secure Treatment: This treatment increases the absorbency of the paper significantly increasing the difficulty of doctoring text printed on to the document without damaging the paper.
Watermark: All documents now include a watermark, further increasing their security.
Ultra-Violet Anti-Tamper Technology: Incorporated into each sheet is a background pattern that can only be viewed under UV light. This is virtually impossible to re-instate if fraudulently altered.
Unique Numbering: Each sheet of secure paper is individually numbered using a unique six-digit code.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or to call in to see us in the Tierney Building. We will be happy to help.