Official Documents (electronic copies)

How do I access my Official Electronic Documents Online?

This service is available to all students who began their studies in UCD from the year 2000 onward. Your SISWeb remains active indefinitely after you leave UCD. Log in to using your username and password.

Your username will be your 8 digit student number. (Your student number will begin with the year that you began your course here, eg. if you began in 2008 it would look like 08123456).

Your password will be your Date of Birth in the format (DDMMYY) unless you have changed it.

If you have forgotten your username or password you can contact the Student Desk (select SISWeb from the drop-down list)

For current students: Navigate to the Registration, Fees and Assessment tab, followed by the My Official Documents section, where you will see an option for Electronic Documents.

For alumni: Navigate to the Academic Services tab, followed by the My Official Documents section, where you will see an option for Electronic Documents.

UCD's electronic documents are fully secure and verifiable online, accepted by a wide variety of third parties, universities etc. More information is available on our Official Document Security Information page.

What is Online Document Publication?

This service enables UCD students/graduates to produce many of their key UCD documents from their SISWeb account. The documents, which are available as in PDF format are as follows:
  • Certificate of Attendance (which confirms that you are or have been a student of UCD),
  • Academic Transcript,
  • Academic Statement,
  • Diploma Supplement,
  • Statement of Results
These documents can then be distributed either in hard copy (plain paper) or as an e-mail attachment to recipients who require them (such as Local Grant Authorities, Social Welfare offices, education verification companies, prospective employers, other Universities, banks etc).

Students can enable/disable verification of their documents through their SISWeb account.

If the student has enabled verification, the recipient will be able to authenticate the content of the document at using the Student's ID Number and the document-specific, 16-digit alphanumeric PIN listed on the Certificate.

If the student has not enabled verification, the recipient will receive a message denying them access to the document.

Who can avail of this service?

If you began your course of study in UCD from 2000 onwards and have completed your degree, you can access your Academic Transcript online via SIS Web immediately free of charge *.

* Please note that due to the complexity of some student records and/or grading systems, there will be cases where some graduates' records are not suitable for online documents and will therefore need to order & pay for a hard copy transcript. Examples of this include BA (Evening), Graduate Research pre 2006, BBLS & BComm (Intl.) graduates in 2007/08. UCD apologises for any inconvenience caused in such cases.

UCD treats the fraudulent duplication or amendment of its official documents as a serious offence. Any such action will be considered a breach of UCD Regulations and will trigger disciplinary procedures. Such matters may also constitute a criminal offence and, as such, are liable to be reported to An Garda Síochána.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or to call in to see us in the Tierney Building. We will be happy to help.