Guidance for Third Parties

Verifying Official Documents
If you have received a document from a current or former student, such as a transcript or certificate of attendance, and which includes a verification code then this document can be verified online. Alternatively you can find further information on the FAQs for Official Documents.

Parental Authorisation
We are not permitted to discuss a student's record with third parties but we understand that sometimes a student would like for us to be able to discuss particular aspects of their student record with a parent. In order to ensure that we comply with Data Protection Acts we provide a Parental Authorisation facility, available through the Personal Information section of your online registration in SISWeb.

This is an opt-in service; all students' accounts are, by default, set to 'no'. If you leave this set at 'no' then no part of your student record can be discussed with a third party. You can opt in or out of this service at any time in the year by logging in to SISWeb, clicking the "Enter Registration Process" link and accessing the Personal Information section of your online registration. If you wish to opt in to the service, simply set the option to 'Yes' and provide a password. We will then ask your parent/guardian for this password when they contact us. This service is only available to currently registered students.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or to call in to see us in the Tierney Building. We will be happy to help.