Bullying is repeated negative behaviour, coming in lots of different forms; physical, verbal, and psychological displayed by one or more persons towards another, often conducted in the presence of others.

Cyberbullying is an intentional and aggressive act carried out by an individual or a group using electronic forms of contact (social media, emails, messenger apps, Snapchat, SMS, etc). If you are being bullied online:

Regardless of form, bullying can make you feel isolated, upset and angry, and can be devastating to your mental health. If you’re being bullied, and need some extra support, there are people in UCD who can help:
Student Advisers
SU Welfare Officer
UCD Student Counselling Service

Bullying/cyberbullying is an infraction of the UCD Student Code, stating “Obstruction or harassment, including bullying, of any student, member of staff or persons carrying out activities on behalf of the University in the performance of duties, work or other University activity” constitutes a breach of discipline and is subject to disciplinary action by the university, and possible legal action.

Links to Relevant UCD Policies:
Student Code 2016/17
Dignity and Respect Policy