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Medications which have different licensing rules in Ireland compared to the USA include


  1. Drugs used for treating ADD/ADHD.

Some medications  used in Canada and the USA are not licensed here and the use of others must be under the direction of a Psychiatrist with knowledge of ADD/ADHD.  You will need to access this privately as there is a very limited public service for adults. Costs for a consultation with a Psychiatrist vary from 200 euro for a first visit. A full assessment for ADD/ADHD costs significantly more.

You should bring documentation from your treating Physician with confirmation of your diagnoses.   The Psychiatrist cannot prescribe unless you bring written evidence of your diagnoses of ADD/ADHD


  1. Roaccutane used for the treatment of Acne needs to be under the direction of a consultant dermatologist. You will need to access this service privately as the waiting list for public patients is very long. Costs vary

  2. Immunotherapy by injections for allergy. This needs to be under the direction of a doctor with skills in the management of this treatment and you will need to access this treatment privately. In some cases where the specialist in Ireland approves the treatment the injections may be administered in the Student Health Service.