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Information for Overseas Students FAQ

  1. I am from the USA and I will be studying in UCD for the academic year, can I attend the public hospital there if I become unwell during my time there?


     Answer: Students from outside the EU who are attending for a full academic year are treated in the same way as an Irish resident and are eligible for the same health services       as an Irish resident. Charges apply for attendance at Accident and Emergency and a daily charge applies for inpatients.


  1. I am from Canada and will be attending UCD for an academic term, can I attend the public hospital if I am unwell?


     Answer: Students and other visitors from outside the EU who will be in Ireland for less than a year are treated as not ordinarily resident in Ireland and must pay the full                economic cost if they need to use the health services.


  1. I am from France and will be studying in Ireland for one year do I have to pay for health services?

     Answer: Students from EU member states and Switzerland are entitled to emergency services under the PUBLIC system if they have European Health Insurance Card with them.      You should apply before you leave home for this card. Please note that the card only covers attendance at public facilities and general practitioners who are part of the scheme        and does not cover private care. The Student Health Service does not have a GMS contract and cannot facilitate medical cards or EHIC cards.


  1. I have private insurance; can I use this when I attend the doctor?

    Answer: You need to check with your insurance company exactly what they cover. You will need to pay for your care at the time of service and claim back from your insurance       company.


  1. I am on treatment for an ongoing condition, can I continue this treatment in Ireland?

     Answer: This depends on what treatment you are on. Some drugs are not licensed in Ireland or special rules may apply to prescribing them.