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Doctor - Sexual Health Clinic

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Testing

The STI screening clinic in the Student Health Service is currently on Wednesday and Friday mornings.   You can call into the Student Health Service to make an appointment  or you can telephone us on (01) 716 3133  or (01) 716 3134


Male patients need a full bladder. Please do not urinate in the 3 hours or so before your appointment. Alternatively you may drop into the Student Health Centre and pick up a urine specimen jar and bring your sample with you on the morning of your appointment. This is not necessary for female patients.




The total cost currently from 19th Sepetember 2013 is  €70.

 Please telephone us with 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment if you cannot make it. ***If you do not turn up for your appointment and you do not phone us with 24 hours notice to cancel you will be charged €20****


The Consultation: Taking the History

The doctor will ask you questions to find out the most likely cause of your concern and to decide which tests should be performed.


If you are experiencing symptoms, the doctor will ask you about their details. Whether or not there are any symptoms present, the doctor will need to ask questions about your medical and sexual history. Some of the questions are of a very personal nature but they are necessary to determine whether you are at risk of any of the STDs. All the information you give us, and results of any tests performed, are strictly confidential.



The Examination and Swab Tests

The doctor will examine you after the history has been taken.


For women, the examination technique is very similar to having a cervical smear. It is performed on an examining table. You lie on your back and the legs are gently separated. When you are comfortable in this position, the doctor examines the genitals. An instrument known as a speculum is inserted into the vagina. It is shaped a little like a duck’s bill and is approximately the size of two outstretched fingers. The speculum holds the vagina open so that the doctor can see inside properly. Inserting the speculum should not be painful if the muscles of the vagina are relaxed. The usual sensation is a stretching feeling as the walls of the vagina are hold apart.


The doctor will then take some swabs from the walls of the vagina and the cervix.


After the swabs are taken, the doctor will perform a bimanual examination. This involves placing two fingers inside the vagina and feeling the abdomen (outside) with the other hand. This helps the doctor determine whether there are any abnormal masses or tenderness in the pelvic area.


For males the procedure is simpler. In most cases a quick examination of the pubic area, penis and scrotum is performed, with the man lying on his back. In certain cases the anus and throat may be examined.


Usually you will be asked to provide a specimen of urine to test for chlamydia and gonorrhea but if you have symptoms of urethritis (discharge from the penis, burning or pain when passing urine)the doctor will take a swab from the urethra instead. This involves inserting a very fine swab a short distance into the urethra and gently rotating it to collect any inflammatory cells or organisms. This test is uncomfortable but only lasts a few seconds


The result of the swab and urine are much more accurate if you have not passed urine for 4 hours before it is taken.


Blood Tests

 All patients are offered blood tests – usually for HIV, hepatitis B,  and syphilis. In some cases, not all of these tests will be performed (e.g. if you have previously been vaccinated against hepatitis B). These tests will usually be offered even if you are at low risk of having these infections . In some cases you may also be offered a blood test for hepatitis C.



The results will be ready in ten days. You will be asked to return to the clinic in 2 weeks to collect these results. We do not give results over the telephone. 



If the examination or tests show an infection, treatment may be started on the same day or when you return for your results.


Follow-up Visit 

You need to come back to the clinic for your results. We do not give results over the telephone.