Learn how to manage everyday illnesses with Under The Weather. This resource provides practical advice from doctors and pharmacists on how to self-care for everyday minor illness such as cold, flu and tummy bugs. 

Student Health recognises how student life can be challenging for many students in UCD. Therefore there are many ways for students to avail of help and guidance when faced with urgent or minor difficulties during their time at UCD.

Sign up to SilverCloud for secure, immediate access to online CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) programmes, tailored to your specific needs. Learn skills and support measures to manage anxiety, depression and stress.

Exercise can boost your mental and physical health, improve your academic performance and overall contribute to a happier more fulfilled life. Oftentimes, we make excuses about why we cannot exercise but take a few minutes to consider the benefits of exercise and plan how you can build it into your life.

Learn more about the importance of exercise and the various ways you can try exercise at UCD

Both the Health Sciences Library and the James Joyce Library provide a Books on Prescription collection. This collection includes books written by various experts on many different self-help topics such as mental health, nutrition, physical health and more.

Healthy UCD provides information and various opportunities for the staff and students of UCD to improve their overall health status. 

Mumps is an acute viral illness that causes fever, headache and usually painful swollen salivary glands with swollen cheeks or jaws. Learn more about mumps including prevention and treatment.

Students in at risk groups and healthcare students are strongly advised to get the flu vaccine if you have not already done so. Find out what to do if you have flu like symptoms