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Our Surf Spots!!


—Lahinch Beach - Great for beginning, great pubs, O'Looney's right on the sea-front
—Left - Breaks on the slab below the cliffs on the left handside. Long left handed walls on a decent swell. Rip between beach break and the left will ease the work load.
—Cornish - Reef break that peaks and has a nice left
—Shit Creek - Heavier reef, great left, nice enough right.
—Cregg - Some nice waves on a big swell, a bit smaller than the rest, good fun.



- I've said it before and I'll say it again, Tramore isn't a nice place... Still, it is pretty close, so sometimes geography gets the better of your common sense. 20mins south of Waterford town, is one of Ireland's big surfing centres, with a newly built Surf Centre right on the beach. Surf lessons are available all year round and there is a local board shaper, Henry Moore, who shapes boards to order. Drop in to Ed's Shedz on the seafront and try to emulate his 'distinctive' hearty laugh afterwards, and check out the local sprites on their skateboards. All breaks work on southerly swells, with the offshore winds being the cold northerlies. Check both ends of the beach defore paddling in as the beach is 3km long and has different breaks all along the shore. Tramore Surf Club is the only club that has winter wetsuits for rental.



For those of us who live close enough and feel like an alright blast one saturday afternoon, Dublin sometimes can help our boredom!

Killiney Bay
- Killeriney Bay is home to Dublin's most full-on waves, with hardcore locals to boot! or maybe not... A few spots here:

just down from the Vico Road, it picks up southerly swell and can be ok low to mid-tide, after force 6+. Just don't go past the cave!

Dart Station:
waves HAVE been known here, seriously. Gotta get it at low tide though cos the beach shelfs steeply.

Killiney Point:
You'll get a few waves here at low-tide as a northeasterly cleans up wrapping around dalkey. Nice and shallow, as in shin deep in places, and those rocks are very real and very sharp!


                                        Surfing at Bundoran

Bundoran, on Donegal Bay north of Sligo is the surf capital of Ireland and is home to an excellent reefbreak, quite a few good pubs and several hostels that cater to surfers. Bundoran also boasts Tullan Strand, one of the most consistent breaks in Eire.

Bundoran is world renowned for its surfing beaches and has been the location for the European and Quicksilver Surfing Championships






                      Enniscrone is a small seaside  village and is situated along  the Atlantic Ocean in county  Sligo on the Northwest coast                           of Ireland only 7km from  Ballina, Co Mayo and 64 km  from Sligo town it is ideally  located for touring the north west                                surf spots. It is one of  Ireland's slighly tamer west-coast surf locations and as such is ideal for beginners and                                        intermediates.

                      Unfortunatly there are no nightclubs here, but plenty of pubs and bars instead. Anyway, it's better to make your own fun!