Composites Research

Keywords: surface functionalisation, adhesive joining, fracture mechanics, nano-modifications, characterisation and modelling.


This research is carried out under both the IComp technology centre and the SFI MaREI centre in marine renewable energy.  It is particularly focused on the use of atmospheric plasmas and other treatments for the surface modification of composites prior to adhesive joining. 

Project objectives investigated by the Surface Engineering Group include: 

  • Atmospheric plasma treatments of composites 
  • Characterisation of surface properties, namely morphology, surface energy, chemical composition, glass transition temperature Tg and fracture properties of composite adhesive joints. 
  • Micro injection moulding and characterisation of nano-modified composites. 
  • Nano-modification and tailoring of composite surface properties for self-cleaning and resistance to aggressive fluids. 

Nano-scale modelling of toughening mechanisms and prediction of macroscale fracture tests 

Contact details

Prof. Denis Dowling
Director UCD Surface Engineering