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Biosystems Engineering Digital Library

Including multinational examples in biosystems engineering courses will increase their global relevance and enhance the learning experience of the students. The database working group consists of Dr Mary Leigh Wolfe / Dr Jactone Ogejo / Eric Fouh (VT), Dr KC Ting / Luis Rodriguez (UIUC), Prof Giacomo Scarascia (UniBa), Dr Jose Maria Fuentes / Prof Francisco Ayuga (UPM), Dr Enda Cummins  / Prof Nicholas Holden (UCD) and  Dr Panos Panagakis (AUA).

Following a series of initial SKYPE meetings this working group met in Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, USA 15-19 July 2013. The deliverables for the team were reviewed and agreed as:
  1. Development of digital library with initial objects uploaded,
  2. Development of a implementation plan
  3. Development of a dissemination plan,
  4. Library maintenance plan,
  5. Evaluation pan
  6. Publication plan
Based on previous group interactions a sample of the library interface had been developed by Eric Fouh (VT) and was presented to the group. A detailed analysis of the website ensued with structural and functional modifications suggested and implemented. The mechanism of uploading and downloading objects was evaluated over the week. Final taxonomy was discussed with the topic list and list of objects finalised and agreed. The object list consists of: Field Report, Article, Requests, Computer Models/Software, Datasets, Drawings/Plans/Spatial data, Images, Media Archive Policy/Regulation/legislation Documents, Problems and Assessments and Videos. The topics were greed and consisted of: Buildings and Infrastructure, Energy, Environment, Food and Bioprocess, Information and Communication Technology/Systems, Power and Machinery. These topics were in broad agreement, and in line with, discipline norms and cover the breath of activities in Biosystems Engineering.
A user friendly interface for the digital library has been created, but remains dynamic as beta testing of the website is being conducted. The mechanism of searching through categories, objects and keywords has been refined with a process now in place. The different input fields for the various objects (images, videos, datasets etc.) was finalised. A brand image was developed for the digital library and is on the website while descriptors and headings were inserted as appropriate.
The deliverables for the meeting were met viz :
  1. The digital library was developed and  sample objects from all partners uploaded.
  2. An implementation plan was developed to include: finalisation of the interface, beta testing with partner and non-partner institutions.
  3. A dissemination plan was developed to include dissemination within partner institutions, addition to institute website, conference presentations, press release to different institution, peer to peer dissemination and contact with specific inviduduals interested in internationalisation.
  4. Discussion about maintaining the library after the life of the project considered possible funding opportunities.
  5. A publication plan was developed with a series of conference and peer reviewed publications outlined.

Current activity:The summer workshop was successful and plans to conclude the work and continue after the end of the funding period  have been agreed
Last updated:22-07-2013


N. M. Holden UCD
M. L. Wolfe VT
R. S. Gates UIUC
D. Briassoulis AUA
F. Ayuga UPM
G. Scarascia-Mugnozza UniBa

EU Coordinator:

Prof Nicholas M Holden
UCD School of Biosystems Engineering
Room 3.03, Agriculture and Food Science Centre
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4

US Coordinator:

Dr Mary Leigh Wolfe
Biological Systems Engineering
305 Seitz Hall
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061

This project is funded by:

Details of the programme can be found here
Details of the programme can be found here
N. M Holden 2009
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland