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The "threads" of Biosystems Engineering

The core concepts, or threads, of BSEN are variously understood by those within the discipline, but have never been unequivocally defined due to the comparative youth of the discipline. This makes communication and teaching difficult compared to other well established engineering subjects. The Atlantis POMSEBES project and Erasmus Network ERABEE have worked towards defining core curriculum for the discipline, but this needs to be taken further by defining the threads that link courses together. A working group consiting of Prof Demetres Brissoulis (AUA), Dr Eutiquio Gallego / Dr Antonio Pantaleo (UniBa), Dr Philip Owende / Prif Nicholas Holden (UCD), Dr KC Ting (UIUC and Dr Kumar Mallikarjunan (VT) are working on this activity.

They have established definitions of the mid-level competences and the associated learning outcomes for each of six specializations and the domain-specific knowledge to be acquired for each outcome These definitions are currently being discussed, modified and hopefully will be adopted tfor global development of the BSEN. The focus specialisations are: Bioprocess Engineering, Bioenergy Systems, Bio-based Materials, Biosystems Informatics and Analysis, Structural Systems, Materials and Environment for Biological Systems, Water Resources Engineering.

The work was presented at the ASABE International Meeting in 2012, Dallas TX, USA and a paper has been submitted for  review with ASABE.

Current activity:
  • Paper under  review
  • Ongoing refinement of the ideas
Last updated:21-05-2013


N. M. Holden UCD
M. L. Wolfe VT
R. S. Gates UIUC
D. Briassoulis AUA
F. Ayuga UPM
G. Scarascia-Mugnozza UniBa

EU Coordinator:

Prof Nicholas M Holden
UCD School of Biosystems Engineering
Room 3.03, Agriculture and Food Science Centre
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4

US Coordinator:

Dr Mary Leigh Wolfe
Biological Systems Engineering
305 Seitz Hall
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061

This project is funded by:

Details of the programme can be found here
Details of the programme can be found here
N. M Holden 2009
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland